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Karen Crowell’s services are like a guiding light through the sea that constitutes the publishing industry. Her service business, Serendipity Digital Media KC, offers independent authors the professional services necessary to successfully execute, package, and market their books.

As an independent writer with 200 published on-line articles, I have learned that editing my own work is challenging. When the message is in my head, it’s easy to miss typos and punctuation errors. Karen’s editing services were a second pair
of eyes with 20/20 vision combing through my manuscript ensuring it was polished before it was published.

It has been my experience that having someone I trust and respect critique my story concept and first draft is beneficial. As a story line editor, Karen’s insightful feedback into the strengths and weaknesses of my newest piece of fiction—while it was still in its beginning stage, allowed me a perspective of my story from outside myself.

For me, the most critical and challenging aspect of being an independent author is marketing. Karen’s ever expanding pool of resources provided me with marketing exposure I otherwise would not have had access. Her skills as a marketing consultant and manager are invaluable, and not just because of her professional capabilities. Karen Crowell is a woman of integrity, who personally invests herself into the success of her clients.            The Double Rose - Lynne Erickson Valle

I am extremely happy I decided to work with Serendipity Digital Media KC! Karen's work is high-quality, professional, expedient, and impeccable! Thanks so much!                                                                     Xandria Drake - Laura Cantu

I used Serendipity Digital Media KC to edit, proof, design covers, and publish my first two books. Karen did a fantastic job of getting my books placed expeditiously on She helped me market the books and worked with me on promotions to insure the books were successful. I am currently working on 3 other books with her as well. I highly recommend Serendipity Digital Media KC as your publisher to achieve the best results of getting your book to the market place and enhancing your sales.                                                               Limericks Time to Rhyme - Hugh N. Flowerree