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"My 11 yr. old daughter expressed interested in private vocal lessons. We found a teacher at an established center near where we live. After spending over a year with that teacher and realizing that my daughter was no further along than the day we started, I began looking around for another teacher. Fortunately, I happened across Karen Crowell. After our first meeting, I could tell she was a much better fit for my daughter. We have been with Karen for 5 years now and wow, what a difference! Her approach to teaching and her own talent is very professional. I truly admire the way she connects with my now 16 yr. old daughter. I highly recommend Karen to anyone at any level that is looking to polish their skills or looking to advance their skills."

                                                                                                                              Penny Keeton, Independence, MO          

"My daughter and I have had the honor of being taught voice lessons by Karen. During our lessons we havelearned how to widen the singing range of our voices and maximize our vocal clarity. With diligence, encouragement, and excellence, Karen has taught us how to overcome problem areas of our voices and make corrections that will no doubt help us for years to come. The voice exercises she teaches have helped us immeasurably. The result of all her fine work is that my vocal range has increased from about two octaves to almost three. Always before I started lessons, I had been limited to an alto range and now, for the first time in my life I can sing much of the soprano range with ease. It seemed almost miraculous for someone who has always had a very lower voice. We are so thankful for Karen and her methods of teaching. We recommend her highly and believe that anyone taking lessons from her would be benefited by her training tremendously. We were also privileged to hear another of Karen’s students (as she improved through Ms. Crowell’s training) to sing the lead role in “Hello Dolly.” The improvement Karen made with that young woman’s voice was indeed impressive."                                                                                                                   Mary King, Raytown, MO

"I have been taking voice lessons with Karen for about seven months now and I am extremely pleased with the results.  I have improved in range, tone quality, and breath support and I find I am almost always singing in tune.  I have very little experience with singing but with Karen's help I improve with every lesson.  I have a part-time job singing in front of people and friends have been coming up to me lately and telling me how much better I am getting.  Karen has the unique combination of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for singing that makes a really great teacher.  Karen's lessons are fun and well-structured and I learn so much each time we meet.  I look forward to taking lessons with Karen for a long time to come."                                                                                            Zachary Fischer, Independence, MO

"Karen was a member of my group, the Serendipity Singers. During that time, I found her easy to work with while maintaining the highest professional standards. She is the type of performer who “gives her all” to each show and strives to make each rehearsal and performance better than the one before. I feel she would be an asset to any organization."
                                                                                                               John Ross, Leader, Serendipity Singers

"Karen Crowell was one of the Kansas City International House of Prayer’s best clinicians in coaching and mentoring singers. She has been actively involved in birthing houses of prayer in the U.S. and abroad. Karen served in outreach ministry with The Focus International encouraging worshipers to facilitate intercessory worship through intimacy with the Lord Jesus."                                                               Pastor Jim Willard, Calvary Community Church, Canada

"How many times have you prayed for your worship to be not only great, but greatly anointed and full of revelation? I highly recommend the ministry of Karen Crowell. Her pure heart for ministry is powerfully manifested in her platform of ministry. The Lord continues to anoint her ministry with revelation as she will lead your people to passionately pursue Him. There is no question, that her ministry will not only bless you and Your ministry, but it will leave you with a greater hunger for more of His presence and lasting fruit that will manifest through your people"

                                                                                       Pastor Kim Terrell, Pursuing Him-Wellspring Ministries

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