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Digital Media KC

Exercise One

We are going to address changing passive voice to active voice. When you use passive voice, it gives a feel of the distant past, and the subject becomes the object of the action rather than the subject doing the action. These sentences are easily changed.​

     The house was filled with the children’s laughter.
     The children’s laughter filled the house.
     The party was cancelled by her parents.
     Her parents cancelled the party.

There will be times you will want to keep the passive voice. For instance, if you are unsure who or what is the active voice (the ring was stolen), or you want the active object to be more prominent (the Pentagon was attacked by terrorists).

Your Assignment
Be on the lookout for the word “by” as it often points to a passive voice phrase. Using your find tool, search for “was” and “were” and rewrite the passive phrases to active voice. Keep in mind “was” doesn’t always mean the phrase is in
passive form. Read carefully.