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Digital Media KC

Exercise Two​

Today, take a look at your dialogue. Most dialogue should be done in less than four lines. If it is longer, it most likely has some information that is not vital and can be removed. If you still feel it is all necessary, then consider adding some action between the characters to break up the long dialogue. 

Take a look at this passage.

     “I have wanted to see the movie Bambi since I was 5. I know it is a children’s movie, but I feel cheated that I didn't get to see it. My sister saw it, and she really liked it. Would you be willing to see it with me?”
     “I have always wanted to see the movie Bambi. Would you be willing to see it with me?”

Since it is a fairly well known children’s movie, it really doesn't need to be stated here. Unless it is vital to bring out the speaker’s feeling of being cheated or the sister’s opinion, neither are necessary and can be removed.

Your Assignment
​Check your dialogue and delete any unnecessary parts or add action to break up the dialogue.